Reviewed by Aimee Barnes

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In this charming cozy series debut, Max Sayers moves to the small town of Snug Harbor to open her brand new book shop and hopefully start her life anew. Though the grand opening of the shop is a smash success, the jubilation is short-lived when a well-known and somewhat controversial town figure is found murdered on the beach behind the shop, and the murder weapon is the doorstop from Max’s shop. Is someone implicating Max as the killer? If that isn’t bad enough Max’s ex-husband shows up with the grand opening’s guest of honor, a famous author. In order to clear her name and save the shop, Max will have to do some sleuthing of her own! I loved MacInerney’s Gray Whale Inn Series, so when I found out about her new bookshop-centered series, I jumped at the chance to read the first book. I can now safely say that I was not disappointed in the least by this new novel. The small seaside town and its inhabitants are equal parts charming and fascinating, and once I entered the world of Snug Harbor I never wanted to leave! Anyone looking for a nice cozy mystery will fall in love with Max and with Snug Harbor.