Reviewed by Aimee

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As a mystery lover there is no better author than the queen of mystery herself, Agatha Christie. Death on the Nile sees our storied hero Hercule Poirot on a steamer trip down the famous river, where things are not as they appear. Greed, jealousy, and jilted lovers all make an appearance in this fabulous mystery read, and several will be dead before the story ends. What begins as a honeymoon for Linnet Ridgeway Doyle and her new husband Simon, quickly becomes the search for the unfortunate newlywed’s killer. With a host of colorful characters, an intricate and twisting plot, and of course the cunning smarts of one dashing detective, this story is Christie at her finest. Intrigue and scandal abound in this classic whodunnit, and as secrets are revealed, bodies begin to pile up. It’s up to Poirot to unravel the complicated scheme, and bring justice to the killer before it’s too late. This pinnacle of a mystery novel will keep you guessing until its startling conclusion, and may just whet your appetite for more! Christie is a plot master, and nowhere is this fact more apparent than Death on the Nile which is, in this author’s humble opinion, one of Christie’s finest novels.