Ellsworth Public Library

Our involvement with FarmDrop is grounded in our sense of community service

In June 2023 the Ellsworth Public Library started running FarmDrop’s Ellsworth market hub, an
an online farmers market that connects communities Down East and beyond with local farmers who are passionate about their products.

Between Friday 8 AM and Monday 12 AM customers who shop from the Ellsworth market can currently choose from 40 different producers through FarmDrop’s website and pick up their orders on the main floor of the Ellsworth Library on Wednesdays from 2 – 6 PM.

green crates with FarmDrop orders in them

Supporting Food System in more ways than one

The library also decided to take on the order fulfilment process for the Ellsworth area which takes place earlier on Wednesdays usually in the Riverview Room.

“America’s food systems are so damaged, and we need to have systems like this in place,” said Library Director Sarah Lesko, who leads the effort of FarmDrop at the library and has organized food education events in the past. This is an excerpt from an interview with the Ellsworth American from January 2024.

FarmDrop’s mission is manyfold with a strong focus on providing farmers and food producers with village tech and connecting with customers through storytelling.

Since its inception in 2011 in Blue Hill, FarmDrop has gone through a number of iterations. At this point, it has expanded to 25 pickup locations throughout Maine.

When FarmDrop established its Ellsworth hub they also got support from local organisation Heart of Ellsworth and Fogtown Brewing, its former pick-up location in town.