Reviewed by Charlene

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Three sisters, estranged in the aftermath of the disappearance of their four-year-old sister, Georgia, the twin of the youngest sister, return to the back-water Louisiana home of their grandmother for a weekend. The plan for the weekend is to dig up the “time capsule” buried twenty years earlier at their old home when they moved in with their grandmother.  The capsule holds childhood artifacts and a photograph of the twins taken at the beach the day Georgia disappeared with a mysterious woman in the edge of the picture.  Could she hold the key to Georgia’s vanishing? Was the right person convicted of the crime? Old resentments and rivalries surface as Savannah becomes more determined than ever to find out what happened to her twin sister.

Brought up by their grandmother after the abandonment of the family by their drunken father, and the death of their mother, neither of whom ever recovered from the loss of baby Georgia, the girls who were left to deal with their own loss try to unravel the truth behind the destruction of their family while learning to understand their grandmother and each other as adults.  Grandmother’s illness, their father’s reappearance in the life of one of the sisters, and the on-going mystery surrounding Georgia add to the tensions.  The weekend and subsequent weeks with their dying grandmother give the sisters a rare opportunity to look at their own choices in life and how those choices have colored their relationships with each other and the partners they have chosen.