Reviewed by Charlene

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Anyone familiar with Dave Barry’s writing will appreciate the laugh out loud antics in this latest book.  Jesse and her baby daughter are trapped in a life Jesse never imagined.  Living in a tiny cabin in the middle of the Florida Everglades with her boyfriend, who is high most of the time, and a wannabe television producer, broke and with nowhere to go, Jesse stumbles upon a buried cache of gold bars.  She knows she must hide the find from the worthless boyfriend, but two men have seen her with the gold and want to cash in.  Add in Ken Bortle’s scheme to lure tourists to his failing bait and beer store by creating an Everglades Melon Monster that goes viral on Tik Tok.  The Melon Monster in reality is a slightly tipsy drunk in a Dora the Explorer mask.  And what story could be complete without an aspiring Presidential candidate arriving to announce his campaign kick-off at the python catching contest.  What could possibly go wrong with this scenario? In a word-Everything!  Mayhem ensues!
    Dave Barry reads the audio version.