Reviewed by Aimee

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If you’re in the mood for international travel, historical artifacts, suspense, survival, and a bit of romance, The Lady Rogue may well be your perfect match. In the year 1937, protagonist Theodora is on a mission to find an ancient ring that may have belonged to Vlad the Impaler and save her father, before a dark occult society gets their hands on the coveted relic. With help from her father’s apprentice Huck, with whom she has quite a history, she travels across Romania and the Carpathian Mountains in pursuit of the great treasure. I was absolutely captivated by this novel; the setting, the characters, everything was extremely well thought out and engaging. Once I picked up “The Lady Rogue” I never wanted to put it down! Theodora is a smart, sassy heroine who won’t be stopped simply for being a woman. A missing ring that may hold ancient magic (and the dangerous men who wish to possess it), a perilous quest through Eastern Europe with an old acquaintance, and with her archaeologist father’s life on the line, what could possibly go wrong? Will her intelligence and determination help her retrieve the ring and her father before it’s too late? Fans of mystery, history, and adventure will fall in love with “The Lady Rogue”.