Reviewed by Adriana

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The Cruel Prince is the first book in The Folk of the Air trilogy. We meet twin sisters Jude and Taryn Duarte as they are whisked away into the High Court of Faerie. Ten years before their taking to the High Court, they lived with their parents in the human realm and with their older sister Vivi. We find out early in the story that the girls now live with their parent’s murderer, Madoc.

Growing up in Elfhame is not easy for mortal girls like Jude and Taryn. Jude wants nothing more than to fit in with the other children. But when Prince Cardan is your classmate it makes it hard to feel anything but out of place. Cardan Greenbriar, youngest son of the King of Elfhame, is cruel and wicked to those around him. He has made it his mission to torment Jude and her sister until the end of their mortal lives. But once Jude starts fighting back Cardan realizes that she may not be the feeble mortal he thought she was. 

Though this story is marketed as an enemies to lovers (which it absolutely is) series, it also focuses on Jude and her journey of power and triumph. Through the Cruel Prince and the rest of The Folk of the Air trilogy readers see Jude’s growth, perseverance, and determination. In the first book, Jude swears an oath to Prince Dain, Cardan’s older brother and heir to the Greenbriar throne. From this oath brings a whole new world of prowess and power to Jude. Though she may be different from the other children, Jude proves herself time and time again throughout the series. If you enjoy The Folk of the Air trilogy, read Holly Black’s newest release The Stolen Heir! The story follows Jude’s younger brother Oak.