Reviewed by Aimee

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If asked to give their idea of what a public library is, most people would probably say a quiet sanctuary of higher learning, but sometimes that is far from the truth. Between accidents, slip-ups, gossip, and the outright crazy, the public library often acts as a community center where people from all walks of life come together in surprising and often entertaining ways. If you want a taste of some of the things librarians have to deal with on a daily basis, Nina Sheridan’s I Work at a Public Library may be just the ticket. From the disgruntled to the downright confused, librarians deal with a wide array of patrons and the resulting conversations can be comical, sweet, or just downright strange. The book pulls from Sheridan’s experiences as a public librarian, as well as those shared from other librarians via her blog and there is no shortage of entertainment to be found within its pages. Perennial favorites and colorful characters abound in this hilarious volume that can be enjoyed in a single sitting or simply thumbed through whenever a good laugh is needed. As a librarian myself I related to a lot of the stories, but even non-librarians will laugh out loud at the goings on in the wild, wonderful world of the public library. Enter the lesser-known side of the public library and prepare to be amazed, because in this ever-changing landscape anything can happen!