Reviewed by Adriana

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The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune is a mystical read, full of adventure, friendship, love, and life sized-garden gnomes. I have never been a fantasy reader, but when I heard about this book on GoodReads I was drawn in. The story follows a lonely caseworker, Linus Baker, as he works at the Department In Charge Of Magical Youth. There, he oversees orphanages by making sure the children are safe and taken care of. 

After receiving a salad dressing-related demerit, Linus is summoned by Extremely Upper Management. When he arrives at the appointment, Linus is given a task no one could have prepared him for. He sets off for Marsyas Island Orphanage, where he meets six very special orphans and their caretaker Arthur Parnassus. Through his stay, not only does Linus gain friends, but also a family. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was so fun to dip my toes into a fantasy read! What I loved most about this book was how they introduced inclusivity and learning to love yourself. Linus teaches the children how important it is to be themselves and to not let anyone make them feel bad about who they are.