With the upcoming Perseids meteor shower (August 12-13) and the exciting images released from the James Webb Space Telescope, now is the perfect time to delve into the world of astronomy! Here is a list of books that will help you identify constellations, learn about the history of astronomy, and look to the future of space travel!


Stories in the Stars: an atlas of constellations by Susanna Hislop

The Backyard Astronomers Guide by Terence Dickinson

The Human Cosmos: civilization and the stars by Jo Marchant

The Last Stargazers: the enduring story of astronomy’s vanishing explorers by Emily Levesque

Ask an Astronaut by Tim Peake

The Practical Astronomer: explore the wonders of the night sky by Will Gater & Anton Vamplew

Turn Left at Orion: hundreds of night sky objects to see in a home telescope and how to find them by Guy Consolmagno

Constellations: the story of space told through the 88 star patterns in the night sky by Govert Schilling

Sun Moon Earth: the history of solar eclipses, from omen of doom to Einstein and exoplanets by Tyler Nordgren

Black Hole Survival Guide by Janna Levin

Cosmos by Carl Sagan

What We See in the Stars: an illustrated tour of the night sky by Kelsey Oseid

How Space Works by Abigail Beall