Reviewed by Mary McKillop, Circulation Librarian

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This book is about a 36-year-old woman trying to figure out her life and where it should go after a fight with her boyfriend of six years who has never proposed. The second main character is from Zimbabwe where he is a safari guide.  When these two meet, they are immediately drawn to each other but have to decide between family obligations and their happiness.

I enjoyed was the setting of the book, with most of it taking place on a beach in North Carolina. There were very descriptive scenes of the beach and the surf – I could picture it. The book also related many scenes of Africa and the wildlife found there.

This is a true romance story which asks “How long can a dream survive?” It is well put together and easy to read as Nicholas Sparks’ books always are. He tried something different by using himself as one of the minor “characters” in the book.