Ellsworth Public Library
The Ellsworth Public Library welcomes and encourages gifts and bequests to the Library in order to help with the Library’s fulfillment of its mission. The Library’s Board of Trustees have the authority to conditionally accept donations and gifts for the Library on behalf of the Ellsworth City Council and to manage and direct the use, investment, disposal, and allocation of all contributions, gifts, and funds donated to the Ellsworth Public Library, or to the City of Ellsworth for the benefit of the Library, in a manner consistent with the laws of the State of Maine.
When proposing a gift to the Ellsworth Public Library, please keep in mind the following:

  1. Only materials that are appropriate to library use and consistent with the current acquisitions policy and needs, as determined by the Library Board of Trustees or its appointee will be considered or accepted.
  2. A gift, once accepted, becomes the property of the City of Ellsworth Public Library without condition or restriction to its use, display, allocation or disposal, unless such conditions or restrictions are noted in writing and are agreed to by a vote of the Library Board of Trustees and ratified by the City Council.


Adopted by the Board of Trustees April 23, 2012