Ellsworth Public Library

Ellsworth Public Library’s connection to the Internet provides access to information far beyond our facility. Such access is consistent with our mission to: “To provide library users of all ages with a welcoming, safe, and stimulating atmosphere and with a wide range of available materials that will encourage lifelong learning and enjoyment, inspire creativity, and promote a sense of community and civic awareness.” Basic to this mission is our endorsement of the American Library Association Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement.

The Internet is an unmonitored and unregulated resource. Much of it is not catalogued or indexed in any way. Available information includes much that is personally, professionally or culturally enriching. It also includes material that may be offensive, erroneous, out-of-date, controversial, sexually explicit, or illegal. The Ellsworth Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information obtained over the Internet on our computers or through the use of personal electronic devices connected to our WIFI system and is not responsible for its content. As with all library materials, a child’s access to computers and the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

Ellsworth Public Library affirms the right of the individual to have access to all library materials, including those in electronic form.

Ellsworth Public Library affirms the responsibility of parents/guardians to determine the suitability of Internet resources, and all other library materials, for their children.

Internet use will be conducted in a manner that does not unreasonably interfere with the use or enjoyment of the library by others.

Ellsworth Public Library reserves the right to limit use of its electronic resources. Limitations may include, but are not restricted to:

  • filtering inappropriate materials and images in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) regulations
  • restricting time on computers and limiting the applications or functions used on the computers
  • charging a nominal fee for the use of certain consumable supplies such as paper.
  • shutting down 30 minute computers fifteen (15) minutes before the Library closes for the day and shutting down 15 minute computers five (5) minutes before the Library closes for the day.

Ellsworth Public Library’s electronic resources may be used only for purposes that are legal.

Unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to:

  • harassment of other library or computer users or staff;
  • unauthorized access to files, data or passwords of others;
  • libeling or slandering others;
  • disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications;
  • unauthorized downloading and/or copying of copyright-protected material;
  • violations, or attempts to violate, computer system security and/or software license agreements;
  • intentional exposure of other individuals to materials or images they may find personally unsuitable;
  • incurring any costs to the Ellsworth Public Library including damage to Library equipment;
  • any other illegal activity.

WIFI Network
The Ellsworth Public Library currently provides an unsecured WIFI network for public use that is available at all times. The Library reserves the right to secure this network and/or shut it down for part of the day at any time without any prior notice.

The Ellsworth Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information available through the Internet, and disclaims any warranty as to the information’s accuracy, authoritativeness, timeliness, usefulness, or fitness for a particular purpose.

The Ellsworth Public Library assumes no responsibility for and shall have no liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of its electronic resources or connections to other Internet resources or for damage to personal electronic devices which are connected to the Library’s WIFI network.

Failure to follow this policy may result in suspension of computer use privileges, suspension of access to Library property, and/or referral to law enforcement authorities.


Adopted by the Ellsworth Public Library Board of Trustees July 15, 1996
Reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees January 16, 2001.
Reviewed and approved as amended by the Board of Trustees February 24, 2014.
Reviewed by the Board of Trustees – February 17, 2015.
Reviewed and approved as amended by the Board of Trustees August 22, 2016.