Ellsworth Public Library

Policy Statement Regarding Appropriate Library Behavior The mission of the Ellsworth Public Library is to provide library users of all ages with a welcoming, safe, and stimulating atmosphere and with a wide range of available materials that will encourage lifelong learning and enjoyment, inspire creativity, and promote a sense of community and civic awareness. It upholds the principles of intellectual freedom and the public’s right to know by providing people of all ages access to information which reflects all points of view. Ellsworth Public Library provides its facility and service to satisfy the varied needs of its community and encourages the use of these resources by keeping the public aware and informed.

To ensure the ability of the Ellsworth Public Library to fulfill its mission, no user shall engage in behaviors prohibited by the rules established by the Ellsworth Public Library Board of Trustees.

Library policy does not prohibit quiet conversation between users and/or staff or conversations required to carry on library programs or business. It is desirable to preserve a reasonably quiet atmosphere where library users may read, study, and otherwise use the library without disturbance.

All members of the Ellsworth Public Library staff have been charged by the Board of Trustees with the responsibility to enforce these rules to ensure that the rights of all individuals to use the library are upheld.