Ellsworth Public Library


The Ellsworth Public Library offers a wide variety of exhibits free of charge to the public in order to provide an opportunity for individual intellectual and aesthetic growth and appreciation and to enhance public awareness of the cultural and artistic community. In order to achieve these goals, the Library strives to foster freedom of expression and to provide freedom of access to all.

    The meeting room on the lower level (Riverview Room) is available for exhibitions.
    1. Works of professional artists, crafts people, community groups and students with an emphasis on those from Hancock County and Maine communities.
    2. Historical or other artifacts that are educational or may enhance collections of the Library.
    3. Informational material from city and state agencies, schools and non-profit groups who wish to publicize their organization or activities.
    Each application will be reviewed by the Art Exhibits Coordinator or the Library Director according to the following criteria:

    1. Vitality and originality.
    2. Quality of implementation.
    3. Suitability of physical form.
    4. Historical significance or representation of emerging trends.
    5. Community interests and needs.
    6. Relation to past/future library exhibits and programs to ensure a variety of techniques, subjects or media and an integrated overall program of activities.
    7. Availability of adequate space.
    Whether initiated by the Library or by individuals or groups wishing to exhibit at the Ellsworth Public Library, all exhibitors must submit a completed application form (see Form #1) to the Exhibit Coordinator or Library Director. A representative portfolio of the body of work and resume of the exhibitor may be requested for review. The responsibilities of the Library and the exhibitor are printed on Form #2–Exhibit Guidelines.
    Upon a positive assessment of an application, the applicant may be assigned an exhibit date and the schedule will be confirmed in writing by the Library representative. In general, exhibits will be scheduled on a monthly basis. The Library reserves the right to change or cancel a scheduled exhibit.
    The Library further reserves the right to limit the number of exhibits an individual or group of exhibitors may have over a period of time.
    If the applicant is rejected, the Library representative will notify the applicant and indicate the reason for the rejection.
    The Library will publicize the exhibit in the local area with local media and requests all exhibitors to furnish material for a press release at least two weeks in advance of the exhibition’s opening date. The Library reserves the right to review and/or edit any publicity material prepared by the exhibitor before its release.
    The exhibitor is responsible for the installation and dismantling of the exhibit on the designated dates and will provide all necessary equipment and materials. The exhibitor must also provide at the time of installation a list of pieces in the exhibit (See From #3– Exhibit Description.
    No work can hang lower than the bottom of the hanging rods. Please see illustration on the floor plan sheet.
    Installation and dismantling will be approved by the Library representative.
    The Library is not responsible for works left at the library before or after an exhibit.
    If the exhibitor wishes to schedule an event related to the exhibit, but not during regularly scheduled Library hours, a request must be made in the application. If the request is granted, the Library may require that Library personnel be available at the event, and it may be the responsibility of the exhibitor to compensate the Library personnel at the appropriate hourly rate. “Openings” are the responsibility of the exhibitor and must conform to the Library’s Meeting Room Use Policy; however, the Library will waive fees for meeting room use for such events. Lectures and programs related to the exhibition are encouraged.
    The Library will not engage in the sale of any items on exhibit. All inquiries will be referred to the exhibitor who is responsible for providing Library staff with information on how such inquiries should be routed.
    The Ellsworth Public Library provides insurance coverage for exhibited materials up to $30,000. All works shown must be hanging on the wall. Exhibitors will be responsible for any insurance coverage over $30,000.
  11. DAMAGE
    The exhibitor may be held liable for repairs to the Library which are a direct result of the exhibit.
    The Ellsworth Public Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to make such changes in these policies without prior notice as it may deem advisable from time to time, and to cancel or withdraw permission for the exhibition of materials when, in its discretion, such withdrawal is advisable.


Revised and adopted by the Board of Trustees Feb. 16, 1998
Reviewed by the Board of Trustees November 21, 2000
Reviewed by the Board of Trustees April 23, 2012
Reviewed and approved with changes by the Board of Trustees April 21, 2014
Reviewed with no changes by the Board of Trustees  April 20 2015